Sin Book cover Standing with words

This is a book that you must have in your collection. It challenged me to look within my core being, questioning my beliefs, values and perspective that was established from childhood, forming my “norm”. It took me on a psychological journey that gave me the tools to work on my self-esteem. I didn’t know how to love myself and value the woman God created me to be. Now I truly appreciate and understand my journey, every experience has a unique purpose that connects me to what I call my “Divine DNA”.
Tracy, Social Worker D.C.

I no longer do business with myself as usual. I am present in my life instead of being on autopilot, embracing the spirit of God that lives within me and allowing it to be my guide. I am empowered to think instead of conforming to society trends and be open minded to receiving the gift and learning the lesson each experience brings. I no longer have superficial faith and trust in God, but an attitude of peace to reflect it. This has brought me a new found inner freedom and joy that is priceless. Don’t take my word, get your copy of the Righteous Sin. It speaks for itself.
TH, A new mother, Maryland,

The Righteous Sin is one of those books that is hard to put down and keeps coming back to you once you’ve put it down!!!
Judy Wilson, Child Welfare Administrator, MD

The author has included so much controversial material that this is a perfect book for many heated discussions late into the night.
Book Club fan, MD

“I loved it; I need to know when her next book is coming out”
Carol, London UK