Caribbean proverb, ‘there is a moldy bit of bread for every moldy bit of cheese’

“God Will Provide!”

Have you ever trusted God for something so strong, that nothing else mattered?


Sister Georgina has devoted her whole life to embodying her idea of a perfect Christian woman, in order to become the perfect Christian wife. Sister Georgina’s faith in God and His ultimate plan for her life is unwavering. She never hesitates to push her beliefs onto anyone who is willing to listen and quite a few who aren’t. Sister Georgina finds that her quest for “holy perfection” leads her straight into a world of alienation, but still she doesn’t mind. Her holier than thou attitude gets torn down but she still finds a way to build herself back up by leaning on her Faith. She believes in her heart that if she keeps to God’s plan, He will provide everything that she desires, but Sister Georgina discovers that, unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

Suddenly, Sister Georgina begins to question God and His plan for her life, and particularly HIS plan for her love life. Still, she never loses faith. After several failed attempts at relationships and romantic interests, Sister Georgina presses forward, convinced that God WILL provide! Then it happens, Sister Georgina meets the man of her prayers, a man to finally call “Husband”, despite her apprehensions. Desperate to become the perfect Christian wife, Sister Georgina abandons her dreams of what “marriage” should be and becomes submissive to her husband, the way she believes God intended, but something is still missing.

An unspoken request leads to an unexpected twist, an unexpected turn in her journey…A plaguing thought, emotion, desire that has, “haunted” her since her youth final awakens deep within, which causes her to commit… the Righteous Sin!


The Righteous Sin is a must read novel that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as it addresses important contemporary topics that other novels dare not mention. From themes of perfectionism, food addiction, idolatry, desperation, mental health and even social awkwardness, the Righteous Sin is sure to keep you turning the pages, until its unforgettable climax. The Righteous Sin will have you looking at the way you view the world, yourself, love, faith, and sin.